Services & Intervention Areas



Adult Clinical Psychology

✤  Self-esteem

✤  Anxiety & Stress

✤  Panic Attacks

✤  Addictions

✤  Depression & Grief

✤  Phobias & Fears

✤  Sexuality

✤  Sleeping Hygiene

✤  Personality Disorders




Youth & Child Clinical Psychology

✤  Learning Disabilities

✤  Psycho Pedagogical Re-educations


✤  Autism Spectrum Disorders

✤  Conduct Problems

✤  Anxiety & Frustration

✤  Phobias & Fears

✤  Sleeping Hygiene




Sex Therapy & Couple Therapy

✤  Couple Crisis

✤  Relationship Problems

✤  Sexual Dysfunctions

✤  Life Transitions

✤  Origin Family Conflict

✤  Partner Challenges




Family Therapy

✤  Parenting Styles

✤  Educational Patterns

✤  Life Transitions

✤  Family & Adolescence

✤  Family Mediation

✤  Communication

✤  Pathological Bonding





➤ Educational Centers; Social Centers; Business

✤  Adult Clinical Psychology

✤  Youth & Child Clinical Psychology

✤  Sexual & Digital Education in Adolescence

✤  Education in Gender Equality

✤  Music Therapy

Service Mode

✤ On-site Service ✤ Online Service ✤ Home Health Care


✤ Spanish ✤ Catalan ✤ English ✤ Japanese


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As a therapist, my job consists of giving you support during the change process, offering you the necessary resources to achieve your goals and equipping you with skills so that, progressively, you can increase your ability to cope with the conflict. In this way, you will feel more and more able to manage it in an increasingly autonomous and functional way.



Throughout life, we experience many moments of change and learning, constantly and dynamically.

Let’s find new directions on your way.



Contact me if…

◆    You feel that you want to boost your self-esteem

◆    You want to manage your conflicts and relationships better

◆    You need to improve parenting communication

◆    You want to palliate an anxiety that sometimes overwhelms you

◆    You would like to enhance your sexual life

◆    You would like to reclaim your partner relationship

◆    You have intrusive thoughts that repeat themselves and invalidate you

◆    You feel uneasy about certain aspects of your life


If you feel identified in any of these and you think I could help, do not hesitate to contact me without commitment, through the following form. You can also request or schedule an appointment to do the session in my workplace, in the city of Barcelona (Spain).