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My professional career is focused on clinical private practice in hospital area. Collaboration with private centers both locally and with centers with recognized international presence. Collaboration with medical entities in units such as psychology, psychiatry or rheumatology. Implementation of projects related to education in gender equality, sexual and digital education in adolescents, giving lectures in educational centers.

In the social sphere, assistance in caring for women, coverage and relationships between groups of children and young people of Asian origin, mediation and integration of vulnerable groups and holding workshops for caregivers of the dependent clinical population, promoted by the Fundació Obra Social de ‘La Caixa’.

Carrying out projects focused on neuro-emotional development through the application of artistic therapies such as music therapy, and projects focused on psychopedagogical resolution and management in childhood and adolescence. Complementary training in childhood sleep psychopathology as a Gentle Sleep Coach®.

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Clinical Psychology

Educational Psychology

Social Psychology

Art Therapy


Child Psychopathology