About me

I develop my profession as an individual, group and couple psychotherapist. I work with adult and youth population.


I have a degree in Psychology from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, ​​specialized in the clinical field of mental health with a master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology. Additional training in areas related to the social and educational dimension.

In disposition of the official certification approved as General Health Psychologist, issued by the Ministry of Health and the Departament de Salut; in addition to professional accreditation as a licensed psychologist at COPC (Col·legi Oficial de Psicologia de Catalunya). Health authorization to carry out home care.

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Mission & Vision

Due to my interest in understanding the nature of the human mind, I trained as a psychologist and psychotherapist with the aim of guiding other people towards self-knowledge, guiding them to generate change and promoting an improvement in their well-being.

The reality of today’s society encourages us to constantly search for “happiness”, as that goal that we must achieve to feel valuable, and look outside through the success that is expected of us; when, in reality, that balance we seek lies in ourselves. Not as an end in itself, but as the path that will bring us closer to its achievement.


The search for the own meaning, is found in the inner world that we must listen to and care for, to cultivate self-realization and fulfillment through the connection with oneself.



Generating a more comprehensive vision of the human being has brought me closer to different psychological perspectives. Familiarizing with them has given me a more eclectic vision, thus conforming a method that offers the most personalized service possible; always working on a cognitive-behavioral basis, which is adapted to the needs of the patient, to the demand raised and to the personality.


If you are dealing with a complex situation in any area of your ​​life, but you have doubts about how to approach it, feel free to contact me through the following contact form.

The first step is the most complicated; that of connecting with one’s own suffering and considering asking for professional support.

Making that determination and moving towards change, is the first potential indicator of good prognosis and is already a great achievement.