Post Confinement Sport

The confinement stage has left behind not only psychological, but also obvious physical consequences.

Before recovering your usual sports practice, no matter how little, you must take into account a few factors, recommended by the Department of Sports Psychology of COPC (Col·legi Oficial de Psicologia de Catalunya).

✤   Above all, always protect yourself and respect social distancing measures. The use of a mask and hydroalcoholic gel is already part of our day to day, also in sports.

✤   Learn to manage emotions without pressure. Facing the reopening, it is natural that you may experience restlessness, dysphoria, excitement, fear… Try to accept these new states without judging or repressing them.

✤   It is possible that you may feel anxiety due to the self-imposed pressure, due to the possible loss of muscle tone during this period, due to discomfort with the current physique… Try to trust yourself and your own resources.

✤   If going out makes you apprehensive, you can make gradual approximations without demanding too much of yourself. You can start with open spaces, where you can avoid crowds.

✤   Do not force yourself. Sustained stress over time, in addition to affecting motivation, translates into tension, decreased performance and is, in turn, a strong predictor of injury.

✤   Opt for individual sports whenever possible. In case of group activities, try to maintain the appropriate safety distance and make sure that the hygiene conditions are adequate, if it is an indoor activity.

✤   Try to prevent accumulated desire from becoming risky actions, which can lead to possible injuries. If in doubt, consult a qualified professional.

✤   Routines are the key to regulate our nervous system. Try to reorganize your new training conditions and manage your time consciously. The planning of the sessions must be coherent and adapted to your needs.

✤   Try to maintain healthy habits to improve your physical performance, as well as a healthy diet and the minimum necessary rest.

✤   Modulate self-demand to avoid overexertion that could endanger your health. To avoid injury, also try to warm up and stretch before and after physical activity.

✤   Take the pressure off with future goals. Listen to your body, increase the intensity very progressively and do not forget to bring all your attention to the present moment. Remember that the main objective is to be able to enjoy it.



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