The Therapist Choice

Whether it is your first time or not, it may be difficult to decide in the hands of whom to place your trust. Here you have keys to keep in mind to choose the appropriate clinical psychology professional.

1  ✤  Professional Association

Professionals must be current members of the COP (Colegio Oficial de Psicología) and be registered in their autonomous community. If you request their collegiate number, they should be able to offer it to you without problem.

2  ✤  Health clinic qualification

They must have the accreditation as a general health psychologist (PGS), issued by the Ministry of Health, which is essential to work in the area of ​​mental health.

3  ✤  Titulation & Orientation

To avoid labor intrusion, their training must be official and titled, like a university degree, preferably with a master’s degree or complementary courses. The documentation must be official and prove that they are specialized in what you are looking for. They should clearly state their therapeutic orientation and professional practice style, to see if they can offer you what you need.

4  ✤  Services

It will always be preferable if they can offer you both diagnosis and treatment, to avoid subsequently jumps from one professional to another; which is not very optimal for both the patient and the therapy. It is also interesting that they can offer you as well online assistance by video call, in addition to the usual face-to-face visit.

5  ✤  Other aspects

If they have a website, check that it complies with the Computer Security certification standards (the little lock that appears on the left in the address bar) and that it complies with the regulatory privacy policy. Psychologists have a Code of Ethics that we must comply with, which also ensures confidentiality.

Last but not least, I advise you to observe how you feel with that therapist. As a clinical psychologist, you will be able to notice that I have all the above requirements; but beyond what is strictly legal, I believe in the importance of the feeling you get from the interaction with the professional you finally choose. You must feel confidence and security, understanding without judgment and freedom to express yourself at all times.



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