Mindfulness Manifesto

We hear a lot about this practice and more and more people are benefiting from it. But… What is it exactly? And, why incorporate it into our daily life? Let’s shed some light on.

The Mindfulness technique is defined as the ability to pay attention, consciously, to the experience of the present moment. Without trying to change it, judge it or reject it. It helps us become aware of our emotions, in order to mitigate the frustration caused by not being able to change certain situations. It is considered a psychological practice of meditation, a relaxation technique and also forms a more relaxed attitude towards life.

It helps us fight stress because it induces a state of calm, serenity and mental clarity; reducing the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) and helping to detect when anxious responses appear to neutralize them. But… how to apply it in my daily life? I invite you to do it, in a very simple way, creating your own manifesto. A declaration of principles that allows you to freely question and express what you feel. Turn your attention to the here and now, and see if …


✤   I stop; I open myself to the experience of the present moment

✤   I feel my body while I breathe, stand or sit, while speaking; while I am reading these words

✤   If my mind wanders, I go back and reconnect to the here and now

✤   I am able to love myself, trust myself and appreciate who I am

✤   I am able to see my actions in perspective

✤   I perceive my mistakes and difficulties without judging them

✤   I accept the unpleasant experiences

✤   I treat myself kindly and understandingly when things go wrong

✤   I perceive my thoughts, feelings, emotions and impulses without losing myself in them

✤   I am patient with myself and with the others

✤   I watch how my experiences come and go

✤   I am able to smile when life poses difficulties

✤   If I listen to myself, I experience moments of calm and inner peace


If you have perceived resistance to one or more of these points, I encourage you to reflect on it and see what happens. If making them aware causes you discomfort, it is possible that some anchor hinders their resolution. This scenario is usually very common in consultation; do not hesitate to contact me if you have decided to take action and change this situation.



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