Consultation: Why you should

The growing presence of the mental health area, is traduced as an increase of people who want to fight against their ghosts; searching for a better quality of life. However, when we are facing the unknown, it is natural that certain doubts assail us.

But what are they going to think of me? It is the first thing that perhaps crosses us, and we do not know how to face it; but neither can we deny the desire to say… Enough!

That moment reveals a need for change. Those who already walk that path want to provide themselves with the tools to deal with their own deserts and build a better reality. The person chooses to take a journey to the center of him/herself to listen, understand and reconcile.

However… What stops us?

The fear. A weapon that blocks emotional expression, freezes behavior, and prevents transformation; paralyzes and clouds our resources. The fear of the unknown, the fear of being hurt, of opening up to others and uncovering the inner emptiness. The fear of being judged, not being understood or feeling abandoned.

We tend to flee from what distresses us, to disguise reality to cover up pain. It goes unnoticed, until discomfort builds up and the tip of the iceberg emerges. What is it? What happens to me and why? Time makes it evident. There are some who identify it as weakness; when in reality, it means liberation.

Only when we validate and embrace what is part of us, we can take a step towards emotional freedom.

Going for a consultation and requesting professional support means gathering the courage to face yourself, your own fears and their contradictions. It is realizing that you are not alone. And that a specialist can guide you in what you need to start walking towards fullness.



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