Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need therapy? What does the therapeutic process consist of? These and some other questions are the ones that we ask ourselves before going to a psychology professional. Here you will find answers for some of the most common ones.

If your request is more specific, do not hesitate to contact me and we will resolve all your doubts without any kind of commitment.

What is more often consulted?

There is a variety of demands and can affect any area of our ​​life: couple, sexual relationships, family, work, studies, interpersonal relationships, etc. The symptoms that we can notice could be anxiety, sadness, sleep problems, apathy, restlessness, repetitive ideas, anger… or any kind of mood alteration that influences negatively and causes us discomfort.

For whom is it?

This service is aimed at a very wide range of ages; from adult population to children, through youth and adolescents also.

What is Psychotherapy?

Is that therapy aimed at working on the psychological dimension of the individual. A process that provides us with resources, perspectives and tools to deal with challenges and regulate how they affect us. We may feel disoriented at first, but it will be the starting point to reconnect with ourselves and recover our path. The psychologist is the one who accompanies and guides the patient in the process.

How does it work?

The therapeutic process is carried out through face-to-face sessions or online modality. My goal is that you can express yourself freely and be able to look for what is not working well so that we can work together to its resolution.

How much time will it take?

As for time criteria, we could shuffle many answers. It will depend on factors such as the type of problem, the time elapsed or the willingness you have to work on it. Sometimes certain processes may require a natural course where time plays an important role. Establishing new habits requires new learnings and each person will set their own pace. My task is to keep it as short as possible.

Are Psychologist and Psychiatrist the same?

No, they aren’t. Although both professions are in the field of health, they adopt different practices and methodologies to achieve different objectives. Psychiatry is mainly focused on the pharmacological and physiological with prescription of medication. Depending on the case, it is valued to work together, when the situation requires it.


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